21 May '11, 2pm

[TOC] S’poreans and PR job stats – making no sense

Mr Lee, in fact, my family and friends don’t really bothered the millions of dollars which you are drawing every year, If we are able to survive. But the impact of your FTs policy is indeed suffocating us! Those FTs in managerial position will tend to get their own country people, it happened in my office. 2 of my friends already started driving taxi at their mid thirties. Even my wife told me to take up a taxi licence. Please have mercy upon us! I beg you, Mr Lee… Help us, we are not lazy, we still need to support our family in this high cost of living environment.. Your FTs policy is indeed killing Singaporean. if you think that those talented PRs would convert to Singapore citizenship, they won’t!

Full article: http://theonlinecitizen.com/2011/05/s%e2%80%99poreans-and...


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Words with Friends: That’s what Friends are for

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