29 May '11, 10am

AP: Cheetah captured while roaming Abu Dhabi #UAE

DUBAI - AN ANIMAL activist says a cheetah has been captured roaming the streets of the Emirati capital Abu Dhabi. Raghad Auttabashi of the Al Rahma Welfare and Rescue Society told The Associated Press the big cat appeared to be seven or eight months old and had an injured front left paw. It also had a broken metal chain around its neck, suggesting it was being kept as a pet. She says it was rounded up on Sunday by animal control authorities in a residential neighbourhood and has been handed over to a wildlife conservation centre. Another cheetah was captured on the prowl in the Emirati city of Sharjah in December. Cheetahs are no longer believed to have any native habitats on the Arabian peninsula. -- AP

Full article: http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/World/Story/STIS...