30 May '11, 5am

OMG, wenger's so cute! Wenger, Arsenal players struggle to speak Chinese | What’s buzzing? - Yahoo! News

from Wayne's World trying to learn Cantonese to impress Tia Carrere , several Arsenal players and their manager (who picked up some Japanese when he took charge of Nagoya Grampus Eight for a season) try to show their Chinese fans just how much they care by butchering their language. Some give valiant efforts, while others resort to holding up cue cards and making funny faces (Johan Djourou ). Wenger, meanwhile, speaks as if he's doing mouth exercises.

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[CNA] Football: Arsenal to tour Malaysia, China

[CNA] Football: Arsenal to tour Malaysia, China

channelnewsasia.com 24 May '11, 12pm

LONDON: Premier League giants Arsenal announced Tuesday they will play pre-season matches in Malaysia and China in July. T...