30 May '11, 1pm

OMG, no manners.

OMG, no manners.

was upset by this advertisement by local travel website Zuji, which suggests that Singaporeans drink sewage water. Upset by the ad, STOMPer Gisele commented: "This advertisement is seriously offensive. "How could they degrade Singapore's image just to promote their sales? STOMPer ProudDot also wrote: "What were Zuji's people thinking when they decided to run this advertisement? "Yes, our fresh water supply is bolstered by reclaimed water, but they way they put it across is totally disrespectful and shameless. "And saying that we should leave our sewage-drinking country for a wine-drinking one abroad is tasteless, insulting and utterly unpatriotic. "Whoever came up with this ad should be kicked out of our country, since they like it so much abroad. "I hope someone from Zuji will take responsibility for this. They owe all Singaporeans an apology."

Full article: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sgseen/what_bugs_...


  1. 31 May '11, 8am

    We sincerely apologise if our advertisement has offended Singaporeans. ZUJI is all about good fun, and this teaser was meant to be light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek. We value the feedback from the public, and it was never our intention to upset but to encourage more Singaporeans to travel the world. We fully understand and appreciate ...the complexities of the water situation in Singapore, and we are in no way attempting to trivialise the matter. We are conscious that we have made an error of judgement in our marketing communications in this teaser advertisement, and will endeavour to be more cautious with our advertising content moving forward.

    In view of this, we have also changed the messaging on our website to: 'This dot gets only one season. Get out of the dot with ZUJI to experience all four.' We hope this clears the air, and would like to continue to move forward to stay committed to help holidays happen for Singaporeans.

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