02 Jun '11, 4am

Actress Joanne Peh's tweet on a restaurant's poor service sparked an online furore.

Actress Joanne Peh's tweet on a restaurant's poor service sparked an online furore.

LOCAL actress Joanne Peh raised a ruckus online when she complained about the service at the Nandos restaurant at Tanglin Mall (above) on her Twitter account. First, she was told to pay $3.90 for hot water. Then, when she refused and eventually left the restaurant with her boyfriend, the staff started clapping. This angered Peh, who believed the staff were mocking them. The online furore resulting from her tweet caught the attention of Nando's, which has since apologised for the incident. More in The New Paper on Thursday (June 2).

Full article: http://www.tnp.sg/content/joanne-peh-complaint-twitter-sp...


  1. 06 Jun '11, 1pm

    Hey, we Singaporeans ain't petty...Don't put us in bad light, Joanne! Are U in bad company, Joanne? Feel free to leave our humble shores, anytime *:) Fancy you twitting over a cup of hot water and feeling sore over $3.90!

    Should we have regulations on how local celebrities should behave in public? Don't let the limelight get the better of you, girl! It ain't easy in the service industry, do spare them some thoughts - I am not from the industry but try to exercise patience and respect for policy even if you disagree. This trivial matter reflects on your lack of maturity, as an artiste, girl! Thought you have been commended on your public relation skills... How disappointing *hahaha*

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  2. 02 Jun '11, 6am

    Wah she got a standing ovation haha

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