02 Jun '11, 5am

I became a victim of bicycle rage: Voices

I became a victim of bicycle rage on Monday. A friend and I were walking on a footpath from my workplace at the Changi Business Park (CBP) when I heard a bicycle bell ringing behind me. As I moved to give way, I felt a bump as the cyclist hit me. He rode on but not without first telling me that it was my fault as he had rung his bell. I ran and caught up with this person at the traffic light. He argued that he was justified in assuming the footpath belonged to him and in bumping into anyone who did not move fast enough. I was able to identify him as a foreign national. As a foreigner myself, I feel ashamed that such people are perpetuating the negative stereotypes of foreigners with his rudeness Perhaps the relevant authority could post circulars clarifying the rules of using bikes on footpaths. Such circulars should especially be posted in all CBP offices where many forei...

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    This hero chased after bicycle that bumped into him

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US rape victim leads project to catch predators

US rape victim leads project to catch predators

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Natasha Alexenko and her friend Trevor Ballin, the creative director for fashion designer Derek Lam, in New York. -- PHOTO...