03 Jun '11, 4pm

StraitsTimes - More than 50,000 demonstrate in Syria's Hama #syria #iran /@iran_letter #IranElection

NICOSIA - MORE than 50,000 Syrian demonstrators on Friday flooded the streets of the central city of Hama, where security forces opened fire in a bid to disperse the anti-regime rally, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. 'This is the largest demonstration in Hama since the outbreak of the opposition movement,' in mid-March, said Rami Adel Rahman, who heads the London-based rights group, adding that security forces had unleashed 'intense gunfire' against protesters causing an unknown number of casualties. Hama in 1982 witnessed a brutal crackdown that left an estimated 20,000 people dead when the Muslim Brotherhood rose up against the late Hafez al-Assad, father of President Bashar al-Assad. Anti-regime demonstrations mobilised thousands across the country on Friday after the main weekly Muslim prayers, activists said. -- AFP

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