05 Jun '11, 11pm

Our reader complains of an inconsiderate neighbour who smokes at his balcony. Do you have neighbours like that too?

MY FAMILY and I have been putting up with regular smoking from our neighbour who lives directly below us. We do not have the luxury of keeping our balcony glass doors open because of the strong smell of cigarette smoke pervading our home from our neighbour's home below. We requested our neighbours several times not to smoke in the balcony. Their only response has been 'This is our balcony and we will do whatever we want here. You close your windows'. Do we really have to put up with this kind of inconsiderate behaviour towards fellow neighbours? It is high time that laws are enacted to prevent people from harming their neighbours this way. Management committees of condominiums are powerless to enforce a non-smoking rule as long as the people are smoking inside their homes.

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