07 Jun '11, 10am

(CNA|sg) Arrest warrant issued for 'runaway groom'

SINGAPORE: A man held on remand was granted bail to get married but is now on the run from the authorities after he gave his fiancée the slip on Monday evening. Irfan Ahmed Khan Iqbal Ahmed Khan was granted one-day bail of S$100,000 last Friday, so he could get married. But on Monday evening, the runaway groom went to a mosque in Yishun, never came out, and was nowhere to be found. He had gone inside the building alone while his fiancée waited outside. After abandoning his bride-to-be, he also failed to turn up for his trial in a district court on Tuesday. A warrant of arrest has been issued for the 28-year-old, accused of two drug-related charges and one count of weapon possession.

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Runaway groom jumps bail; warrant of arrest issued

channelnewsasia.com 07 Jun '11, 9am

SINGAPORE: A man held on remand who was granted bail for a day to get married, is now on the run from the authorities afte...