08 Jun '11, 1pm

Moderate earthquake rocks China

BEIJING - CHINA'S state media say a magnitude-5.3 earthquake has sent rocks crashing down onto a road in the country's north-west and caused car crashes that left five injured. The official Xinhua News Agency and U.S. Geological Survey say the quake struck on Wednesday morning in the sprawling Xinjiang region's Toksun county, about 2300km west of Beijing. Xinhua says a driver who braked hard to avoid rocks crashing down in front of him in the neighbouring Dabancheng district caused a 17-car pileup, leading to the injuries, including two that were serious. It says railway service on two critical lines was suspended for two hours for safety checks and students taking the national college entrance exam were evacuated from exam halls. -- AP

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China says visit by Libya rebels welcome

channelnewsasia.com 09 Jun '11, 8am

BEIJING: China said Thursday it would welcome a visit "in the near future" by the Libyan rebels trying to wrest power from...