10 Jun '11, 7am

'Modeling is tough, mentally taxing' - Supermodels Danica, Chat, Charo Don ’t get too attached, because you won ’t a

We've definitely matured and learned more about work and hard work," says 2010 Ford Models' Supermodel of the World Winner Danica Magpantay. Though she and her fellow Filipino supermodels, 2005 second runner-up Charo Ronquillo and 2009 first runner-up Chat Almarvez, have been thrust into the spotlight at a very young age (Danica and Chat, now 18, and Charo, now 23), they remain down-to-earth and unaffected by the glitz and glamour of their job. "Modeling really isn't easy, because it's also mentally taxing. You need to have the drive and the passion for it," says Magpantay. "Modeling has taught me a lot about what work really entails and about valuing money, unlike before when I would only get my money from my parents. Now that I'm earning, I've learned how to handle my own money wisely," she adds. "Modeling is tough. You need to be very independent," adds Ronquillo. Thoug...

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