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世界の我々が行けない場所トップ10。ディズニーのクラブ33の他に、定番のエリア51、朝鮮労働党39号室・モスクワメトロやバチカン秘密書庫・伊勢神宮など 和訳ブログ 英文記事

世界の我々が行けない場所トップ10。ディズニーのクラブ33の他に、定番のエリア51、朝鮮労働党39号室・モスクワメトロやバチカン秘密書庫・伊勢神宮など 和訳ブログ 英文記事

Few have ever heard of it, and fewer still are ever allowed to set foot in Walt Disney's exclusive Club 33. Only members are allowed, and the waiting list to be a member purportedly stands at 14 years. This is one of the top ten most secretive places in the world. STOMPer mysteryhistory is intrigued: "I never even knew about these places. "And now that I do, I'm so intrigued that I wish I could visit them. "Alas, all these places are highly exclusive so unless you're super rich or super powerful, you'll never get to set foot in them. "Still, we can imagine and fantasize about what these secret places are like!" Read the photo captions to discover more about the most secretive places on earth

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