27 Jun '11, 1am

SAF planning to issue about 8,000 iPads to recruits & servicemen to sharpen their fighting skills

Responding to queries from The Straits Times, the Defence Ministry said the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) plans to issue about 8,000 sets, including to every recruit in the BMT Centre and those in other institutes such as the Officer Cadet School and the Specialist Cadet School, as well as to servicemen in the air force and naval training schools.

Full article: http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/Singapore/Story/...


  1. 30 Jun '11, 3am

    Utter BS... so do we go to war by simulating CS?

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  2. 27 Jun '11, 11pm

    I am concern about spending this amount of money on IT technology in SAF because

    1. SAF has high security. Will having iPads have negative influence on security?
    2. SAF is an organization with a diverse age range of personnel. How to bridge the older and younger generation in the use of iPad for learning.
    3. iPads get obsolete real fast. So, this 8000 x $500 will be well used? Its a big sum of money which I think can be better used for other projects that brings a tangible effects.

    Please reconsider doing a pilot instead. 8000 iPads cost too much for my comfort. I cannot see the relevance of it. If indeed there is, please enlighten the public and me.

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  3. 27 Jun '11, 10am

    1. saf learn to throw grenades using angry birds
    2. Saf learn to cook using cooking mam

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