Book on Cham inscriptions published

A 285-page book titled the Corpus of Inscriptions of Champa which has been translated from the ancient Cham language (Sanskrit) into English and Vietnamese, was launched at the Cham Sculpture Museum yesterday, Dec 12. It’s the first ever English and Vietnamese version of 13th century inscriptions of the Champa Kingdom. It depicts the history of Dai Viet (Great Viet) and the Champa Kingdom. The book is the result of a three-year project to translate all the inscriptions from dozens of stellae into English and Vietnamese. It has been handed over to Da Nang-based Cham Sculpture Museum. “It was a long and hard project to search for the Cham inscriptions. My French and Vietnamese colleagues translated the oldest Cham inscriptions from objects at the Cham Sculpture Museum,” said the book’s co-author Arlo Griffiths from the French School of Asian Studies.

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