02 Jan '13, 6pm

Meet @ronniechengg holding it down for singapore! Loves dancing for real n overall a great person. Check his new video

Wassup everyone! Hitting y'all with a fresh new video to start 2013! And yes, it's a lil diff this time round, filmed it like a short film. As you can see this is a side which I'm not generally known for when it comes to dancing, which is perfectly fine. All I'm saying is that I do have sides of me that I choose to not put up yet or maybe no opportunities to do so rather. :P If you're wondering what is in my head when I wanted to do this and to be entirely honest, nothing. LOL. Nothing SERIOUS anyway. I approached this video to create a dance video which is something more ghetto/hood-ish. I kinda wanted to shoot singapore but not wanting it to feel like Singapore. To me that has not yet been done in singapore, or to my knowledge at least. Also! obviously this also a piece more towards 'swag' direction. haha, kinda funny for me to use that word but yea. I feel nowadays ther...

Full article: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bj1ap2lgOjY&feature=youtu.be


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thefinance.sg 03 Jan '13, 4pm

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