Assiyya Pelassa

Assiyya Pelassa

  1. 21 Jun '16, 5am

    find another ideas about backyard design, backyard inspiration just visit

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  2. 14 Jun '16, 11pm

    Create a rich plant basin to collect and filter storm-water runoff from gutters. Introduction. Overview. Find A Site That Can Absorb Water. Determine the Size and Shape. Remove the Grass. Excavate the Basin. Lay the Inlet Pipe. Fill the Basin.

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  3. 14 Jun '16, 11pm

    Thai Garden Village is a massive no-frills restaurant that can accommodate more than 300 people easily. Guests can sit either in its garden or in the restaurant proper cooled by pirouetting fans. Furnishings comprise a mish-mash of patio-style wooden tables and plastic chairs and tables draped with red cloth. One section of the restaurant serves as a play area for kids.

    The restaurant’s ceiling is pretty high so the level of mercury is not an issue even on a hot afternoon. In the evening, folks from all walks of life pack the garden to the rafters when lighted gazebos and gushing water features create a romantic setting for a quiet dinner.

  4. 14 Jun '16, 11pm

    Great Views . We visited during Day time.. takes about 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours to complete out n in including 1/2 hour in the flyer . There was not much waiting when we reached around 4.30pm . Great Views of Singapore Harbour n Marina Bay Esplanade Merlion Park Fullerton Hotel n Lovely MBS hotel .. both day views n night views are WORTH the Visit .. must visit once atleast to get the TRUE Singapore feel ..

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