22 Dec '14, 6pm

Elias Green Condo

common room for rent with private shared bathroom with another common room. 14th floor with a clear and beautiful view of mbs due to open space right in front of it. can even see fireworks. very cooling as well. fully furnished with queen size bed, wardrobe, study table, chair, aircond, wifi, mio tv. ready immediatelly. kitchen and toilet are newly renovated as well. professionals only please. preferably female. non smoker. thanks!

Full article: http://www.rentinsingapore.com/showad/138559/pasir%20ris-...


‘Green’ Oasis in the Heart of Singapore

twitter.com 23 Dec '14, 10pm

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Green-Sweep for Your Ultrasonic Rangefinder

Green-Sweep for Your Ultrasonic Rangefinder

hackaday.com 22 Dec '14, 3pm

Maybe you’ve never programmed an Arduino before. Or maybe you have, but nothing beyond das blinkenlights. Maybe your solde...