05 Aug '16, 7am

Price of one unit at Clement Canopy

Although the developers have not shared any details about the pricing as yet. The quality of material and the kind of finish after the completion of Clement Canopy will make clear the pricing of various housing units available. This is one property where investment at this stage means high returns in future. Even if you are not keen to stay there own a clement canopy condo to make money on it by selling it at a higher price at a later stage. The strategic location of this condo near hospitals, schools, shopping complexes, transportation facilities and the area around it make it a much sought after property.

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Location of Clement Canopy

Location of Clement Canopy

developerlaunch.com 05 Aug '16, 7am

Clement Canopy | Floor Plan | Price | Location Clement Canopy Location Clement Canopy is strategically located near many s...

Clement Canopy

developerlaunch.com 07 Aug '16, 7am

Clement Canopy is for them who prefer luxury laden with style. Clement Canopy is being constructed on a vast area of 13,03...

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