• #Man remains unconscious in hospital 10 days after eating raw fish dish|Latest Holiday In Singapore News]

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    Man remains unconscious in hospital 10 days after eating raw fish dish SINGAPORE – Ten days after eating a yusheng-style raw fish porridge meal, 52-year-old salesman Mr Sim Tharn Chun remained unconscious in a critical condition at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH) on Wednesday. His 43-y...


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    Singapore has a tropical rain forest climate and enjoys a uniform climate throughout the year. Due to its close proximity to the equator, Singapore does not experience any major variations in the weather and temperature, except for mild fluctuations. The main features of its climate a...

  • Singapore package: Shopping in Singapore is a lifelong romance

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    Amongst the many first-class holiday destinations, Singapore is perhaps the grandest of them all. A beautiful, hygienic, clean, green and well-administered country, Singapore is modernity personified. Its sophisticated resorts, restaurants, shopping malls and beaches pull in millions ...

  • Singapore shuts schools due to 'hazardous' haze

    Singapore shuts schools due to 'hazardous' haze | TripAdvisors

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    Indonesia – Malang: Stempel Warna Warni Singapore shuts schools due to 'hazardous' haze Air quality deteriorated to officially “hazardous” levels Thursday in Singapore — a key Southeast Asian business and transit hub — as choking smog blew in from Indonesia's neighboring island of Sum...

  • Vacation Deals For Travel In

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    This is incredibly picturesque mountain and village, located at the camp of the mountain and blanketed in snow for that duration of your winter twelve months. The township itself is slightly hilly, being at the very foot of the mountain, and absolutely oozes character. There are 13 fr...

  • Latest Singapore Holiday Tips News

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    #SG50: First time in Singapore ? 12 places to visit It has been also been a favorite holiday destination for many Filipino families and yuppies. A perk of being an ASEAN member state: Filipinos enjoy visa-free entry. For many first-time tourists, their Singapore experience starts down...

  • Classic Louis Vuitton limited Handbags In 2008

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    2008 has past. The famous brand Louis Vuitton released sorts of new choice through the year. From numerous traditional handbags, I decide on 5 trendy types for you. All of them are good combination of style and art. Okay, now let’s share together! Louis Vuitton Monogram Watercolor Pap...

  • Singapore Holiday – Sweet Fruits Await You In This Particular Paradise Of Eden https://t.co/cmRjnplqcB

    Holiday – Sweet Fruits Await You In This Particular Paradise Of Eden |

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    Are you constantly caught up with work from your business? A person always unless it is time? A person marvel at how some Internet Marketers always look as if be on one exotic holiday or extra? Do you wonder WHERE Turn to FIND Time? 3) In order to promote of Features. The purpose of t...