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  • Google's next submarine cable will connect Singapore to Australia

    Google is going to lay the Indigo subsea internet cable between Singapore and Australia

    wired.co.uk 06 Apr '17, 10am

    The latest cable, follows the announcement in October 2016 of another cable that is due to be laid by Google and Facebook. Along with Pacific Light Data Communication and TE SubCom, the tech giants are joining forces to lay the first cable that directly connects Los Angeles to Hong Ko...

  • Grow your own hotel: this tropical high-rise in Singapore has its own ecosystem

    Singapore's Oasia Hotel Downtown has its own ecosystem

    wired.co.uk 12 Mar '17, 12pm

    Singapore's Oasia Hotel Downtown is alive - and growing fast. Covered in 21 species of verdant climbers and flowers, it was designed by local architects WOHA as the first tropical high-rise. "We wanted as many species as possible to recreate an ecosystem," says WOHA co-founder Wong Mu...

  • Move over Bitcoin, the blockchain is only just getting started

    What is the blockchain and why should people use it?

    wired.co.uk 07 Nov '16, 6pm

    Many firms are already using the blockchain to trace and record ownership, and to cut out middlemen. In the first group, there's London-based Everledger, which uses the distributed ledger to track individual diamonds from the mine to the consumer, helping identify conflict diamonds an...

  • Forget bitcoin. Your life is destined for the blockchain

    Forget bitcoin. From Augur to Everledger, your life is destined for the blockchain

    wired.co.uk 08 Jun '16, 10am

    So far, 858,890 diamonds have been entered onto the firm's ledger. Each gem is scanned to glean forty unique points that are condensed into what Kemp calls "the diamond’s digital thumbprint". This ID is then attached to the smallest quantity of bitcoin available (a satoshi, in homage ...

  • WIRED Money 2016 Startup Stage: working with blockchain

    Money 2016 Startup Stage: working with blockchain

    wired.co.uk 05 Jul '16, 11am

    "Blockchain is here to stay," says Tramonex CEO Amine Berraoui. But to succeed it needs to be safer, stronger and available to more people. His startup provides FCA-regulated international payments to the SME sector using digital wallets. The system works by putting 'mirror' national ...

  • Singapore can't expand outwards -- so it's going underground

    Singapore's man-made Jurong cavern allows it to expand

    wired.co.uk 27 Nov '15, 10am

    Shot at 18m diameter access shaft JTC Corporation This article was first published in the December 2015 issue of WIRED magazine. Be the first to read WIRED's articles in print before they're posted online, and get your hands on loads of additional content by subscribing online . As a ...

  • Bitcoin users are all tech enthusiasts or criminals, study concludes

    Bitcoin users are all tech enthusiasts or criminals, study concludes

    wired.co.uk 03 Aug '15, 4pm

    The study was conducted over a 31-month period, and analysed various search terms related to Bitcoin. The authors recognised that the sensitive nature of some Bitcoin activity could make the data difficult to analyse, but ultimately drew the conclusion that it was unlikely that Google...

  • Andreas M. Antonopoulos: 'Bitcoin is punk-rock, you can't control it' (Wired UK)

    Andreas M. Antonopoulos: 'Bitcoin is punk-rock, you can't control it'

    wired.co.uk 08 Jul '15, 10am

    If you only read the financial press, you might assume the only way to 'master' Bitcoin is to go back in time to November 29, 2013 when it hit an all-time record price of $1,242 (£808), and sell. That volatility is irrelevant, said Antonopoulos, when it comes to the long-term future o...