• MAS1A's 1st @SpotifySG is for @Buro247sg #HERstory Mix to bring out the King & Queen in you.

    MAS1A: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #132,

    buro247.sg 29 Nov '17, 3pm

    Performer and creative director of Singapura Dub Club, MAS1A shares music to bring out your inner royalty Recently I was part of an event to get together Singapore's female emcees, street artists, B-girls, DJs and Hip Hop aficionados to celebrate Lion City's "HERstory". I was so inspi...

  • What to expect from Art Stage Singapore 2018,

    buro247.sg 05 Dec '17, 2am

    Back for its eighth edition, Art Stage Singapore will bring together enthusiasts and collectors to Singapore Art Week's anchor event. This time, they're introducing Thailand as the country focus, fuelled by the country's growth in the art sector for the past one and a half years. With...

  • Jasmine Sokko talks us through her debut ep, Nº, Buro 24/7

    buro247.sg 01 Oct '17, 12pm

    Listen to Jasmine Sokko's debut EP, Nº, recently released on 13 Orphans Records 1. '1057' "It's a stylized reference of the word "LOST". It is an anthem that champions the struggle for individuality in a world that carelessly defines people by the number of their virtual followers and...

  • Anoraak in Singapore: 3 songs to start your week,

    buro247.sg 18 Oct '17, 9am

    Ahead of Anoraak's live set in Singapore this weekend, here are three essential songs you should listen to from the French DJ's latest album, Black Gold Sun 1. 'Evolve' Anoraak (also known as Frédéric Rivière) ropes in Danish songstress Lydmor for her fresh, sensual vocals that start ...

  • Neon Tiger: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #115,

    buro247.sg 08 Aug '17, 10pm

    UK-based DJ and producer, Neon Tiger, shares his summer playlist that inspired his latest single of the same name I have a large playlist of songs that I keep on rotation either because they are just nice to listen to, or are creatively brilliant. This summer playlist is named for a s...

  • Singapore Weekly Playlist #90: Perk Pietrek,

    buro247.sg 09 Feb '17, 1pm

    I think it's in my nature to always find unique sounds and flip them into something catchy — be it as a turntablist when I first started out at 13, to playing in clubs and now as a DJ/Producer. I love trying to make the weird sound cool, and this playlist is all about that. Find You i...

  • New Zac interview for Hugo Boss with Büro 24/7 Singapore:

    We get exclusive facetime with Zac Efron, the leading man for Hugo Boss’s Hugo Iced, Buro

    buro247.sg 26 Apr '17, 1am

    From teeny bopper heartthrob to top-billing star in the upcoming action-comedy remake of the cult classic Baywatch , it's not hard to see why Hugo Boss tapped on the actor as the ambassador for its new fragrance, Hugo Iced. Efron represents the millennial ideal; that big dreams, hard ...

  • Brit Artist Liz Atkin on transforming #SkinPicking into #art and #advocacy in Singapore

    Meet the Brit artist who turns her skin picking disorder into art,

    buro247.sg 23 Jan '17, 3pm

    For more than 20 years, Compulsive Skin Picking was something I was doing in private to cope with some of the challenging experiences I'd had in my life. Compulsive Skin Picking became a way of coping with feelings of anxiety, but of course it was extremely distressing to live with. T...