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    Contact Singapore's Job Portal, [email protected] Career & networking events organised by Contact Singapore E-mailers sent by Contact Singapore. Subscribe now » Job sites Potential employers' websites Headhunters & recruiting firms Referral from friends/family The Recruit section of Sing...

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    Save the Children (SC) – SC Asia Regional office in Singapore houses two of its seven RHQs which oversees 40% of its global programmes and covers core management of its operations in 15 countries across South & Central Asia and Southeast and East Asia. SC Singapore will lead its strat...

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    such as guidebooks on Singapore, and a personality and career profiler. Sign up today!

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    An online questionnaire that reveals your personal capabilities, work style, and potential career paths Guidebooks on international schools and housing in Singapore Best of Singapore Vol. 4 – This e-book showcases the finest in Singapore when it comes to dining, nightlife, shopping, a...

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    Electronics, chemicals, financial services, IT and professional services, biomedical sciences & research, oil drilling equipment, petroleum refining, processed food and beverages, ship repair, offshore platform construction, life sciences, entrepot trade

  • Here’s an overview of the fast, readily available services which will make your move to Singapore much more convenient!

    Contact Singapore - Daily Living 07 Jun '12, 3am

    Getting things done in Singapore is generally a breeze. The nation’s reputation for efficiency translates into fast, readily available services which makes living here that much more convenient. Basic Utilities SP Services Ltd , part of the Singapore Power Group, provides a convenient...

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    Select Your Profile Overseas Singaporeans Students & Graduates Professionals Investors & Business Owners Employers in Singapore Why Singapore About Singapore Singapore at a Glance Working in Singapore Facts & Figures International Rankings Quality & Cost of Living Cost of Living Calcu...

  • René Hofstetter - Contact Singapore 03 Jan '13, 9am

    A casual internet search; a snap decision. It was the overseas internship he had hoped for since his undergraduate days, but little did René Hofstetter expect that a six-month stint in Singapore would stretch to a few years. Then a new graduate from the University of Applied Science i...