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NUS – FASS Arts Faculty was among the world's top 20 in Environmental Sciences, Economics, English Language & Literature, social sciences and Sociology.

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  • Useful Information - Department of Philosophy | National University of Singapore

    fas.nus.edu.sg 01 Aug '12, 1pm

    NUS Philosophy Department Blog The official department blog where we post announcements, events, and other interesting articles by faculty members and students. NUS Philosophy Interest Group (Public Page) The official Facebook page for the NUS Philosophy Interest Group. The excitement...

  • Ever wanted to recapture the feeling of sitting in a lecture theatre, pen at the ready, waiting to learn all the...

    FASS - Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, NUS

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  • FASS - Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, NUS

    fas.nus.edu.sg 15 Jul '12, 8am

    Only students who have declared a major and indicated the essential and elective major modules they want to read in this Module Preference Exercise will be eligible for pre-allocation in CORS. When an essential or elective major module is successfully pre-allocated, 1 point will be de...

  • CNM - Module Information

    fas.nus.edu.sg 17 Jul '12, 12pm

    Communication Management offers a course of study in public relations with emphasis on the use of new media in organisations' strategic communications. Click here for a detailed explanation of the recommended course of study (PDF). Interactive Media Design emphasises production and th...

  • Department of Malay Studies, NUS

    fas.nus.edu.sg 16 Jun '12, 9pm

    We are a small but exciting Department with staff members and visiting fellows studying the peoples and cultures of the Malay world. We adopt a broad definition of the Malay world, referring to the Malay-Indonesian Archipelago consisting of Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, southern Thaila...

  • FASS - Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, NUS

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    3. Students need to use the online major declaration system to declare/change major(s) and FASS minors. You should do so during the Module Preference Exercise. You are also strongly encouraged to participate in this Module Preference Exercise to indicate your preferred FASS essential ...

  • Students can benefit much from someone who’s been

    REUNION - Giving Back - Alumni Talks

    fas.nus.edu.sg 30 Jun '12, 5am

    Students can benefit much from someone who’s been there and done that. Share your work experiences and industry knowledge and give students that much needed glimpse of what the real working world is like and how best to prepare themselves when stepping out. Tell them about the value o...


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