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  • 4 Ways To Run Better And Faster

    4 Ways To Run Better And Faster 02 Jan '18, 3pm

    You’d soon find yourself hitting a plateau if you don’t have a game plan (read: same speed and distance every time). The solution? Vary the intensity and types of training runs – from long and slow to short and fast – as this will boost your running performance, says Dr Jason Chia, he...

  • How Much Protein Do You Really Need To Maximise Your Muscle Gain?

    How Much Protein Do You Really Need To Maximise Your Muscle Gain? 05 Aug '17, 1pm

    There’s a reason you see guys at the gym pounding a protein shake when their workout’s in the books: A dding more protein to your diet can enhance your muscle gains from weight training , a new review and meta-analysis from the British Journal of Sports Medicine concludes. That’s what...

  • There are great reasons to date outside your normal type.

    6 Personality Types Women Have, And Why You Should Totally Date Them 26 May '17, 11pm

    BY THE EDITORS OF MEN'S HEALTH Sure, you've gone out with 20, 30 women. But we're willing to wager that you're actually dating the same woman over and over again."We often return to similar patterns, to familiar personalities and modes of interacting," says the anthropologist Helen Fi...

  • CONTEST: Stand to win $1,000 Under Armour cash vouchers & 2 passes to The Test of Will 2016

    Under Armour 'The Test Of Will': Free Passes And $1,000 Sweepstakes 28 Mar '16, 6am

    The Under Armour Test of Will 2016 is an elite fitness challenge taking place in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand. The top 16 competitors will compete in The Test of Will Final in Singapore, at Gardens by the Bay on May 28. And we're on hand to help you get in on the ...

  • Keep your sperm healthy by ejaculating at least once a week

    Keep Your Sperm Healthy 02 Aug '11, 6am

    Singapore's total fertility rate fell to a record-low of 1.16 in 2010, down from 1.22 in 2009. According to the CIA World Factbook, we rank the third-lowest in terms of fertility rate among 223 countries, with only Hong Kong and Macau lagging behind. One of the reasons for this drop c...

  • Your Unhealthiest Hawker Breakfasts Ever via @menshealth_sg

    Your Unhealthiest Hawker Breakfasts Ever 22 Aug '13, 3am

    Tweet Your Unhealthiest Hawker Breakfasts Ever advertisement Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Countless studies have shown that not eating a nutritionally balanced breakfast (or skipping it entirely) can lead to health problems such as stomach ulcers, heart disease and...

  • The cup of bubble tea is chock-full of sugar and loaded with fattening pearls. Do you still want your daily fix?

    Bursting The Bubble-Tea Fad 14 Oct '11, 3am

    Is bubble tea addictive? The jury is still out on that. However, a Taiwanese survey found that 15 per cent of respondents had at least one cup of the high-calorie beverage every day, and 2.7 per cent said they drank three cups daily. “You need to look at it in the context of your over...

  • This Issue (September 2011) 13 Aug '11, 1pm

    MH Runners East Coast Run Men’s Health is starting a monthly MH Runners run so that we can get to know you guys better. Join us for our second session on August 6, 2011 (Sat) at East Coast Park. Run Your First Marathon Train up for your first marathon with our guide to conquering the ...

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