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14 hours ago ... I've been involved in a couple not-for-profit (aka non-profit) organisations in my career in some form or another. What I have noticed is that ...

  • “No diamond, no moving in. No exceptions” |

    pauljacobson.org 15 Feb '14, 5am

    Thank you, the best advice. I live by it, also I believe no kids before marriage, I was brought into this world within a union where both my parents were present before going to sleep and when I woke up, I want to give my children the same experience.

  • Path is the better personal network you’ve been waiting for |

    pauljacobson.org 14 Jan '14, 11am

    Path – Share Life from Path on Vimeo . Path doesn’t have Facebook’s users or nearly as much public awareness and yet it is, by far, a superior personal network. For many people, Path is the social network they were hoping Facebook would be and isn’t. I know a few friends and family wh...

  • Lawyers can be terrible writers

    pauljacobson.org 25 Dec '13, 3pm

    This is something that afflicts the legal profession. Lawyers have always been pretty difficult to understand and despite plain language imperatives they persist with only mildly more intelligible language. I occasionally find myself having a conversation with a lawyer who is dumbfoun...

  • Quirk’s #NekNomination challenge – do it for the shorts, I mean kids | Paul

    pauljacobson.org 14 Feb '14, 1pm

    Quirk’s #NekNomination challenge – do it for the shorts, I mean kids Some experiences are so fundamental to the human condition #running “Writing, to me, is the meaning of life” The right to assemble and protest, selectively applied Picking up the Slack

  • Howling sexism and feminist exaggeration

    pauljacobson.org 06 Feb '14, 8pm

    Crying wolf would not matter if the wolf did not actually exist. The problem is that it does. That is why, when feminist activists pounce on the most flimsy evidence and strained comparisons to support the claim that criticism of female politicians is driven by sexism, the cause of ge...

  • OpenSSL on a Mac

    pauljacobson.org 17 Feb '14, 6am

    on a Mac or Ubuntu? I’d like to generate a SSL certificate for my OwnCloud installation so I can test it all out and that seems to be a cheap way to go for now. I can’t find instructions how to do it on a Mac, though. I have access to an Ubuntu machine though so that could also work.

  • The right to assemble and protest, selectively applied

    The right to assemble and protest, selectively applied

    pauljacobson.org 13 Feb '14, 6am

    Despite these complexities, one would have thought that if there was any right that all democrats in South Africa would support unreservedly – whether you are a top-dog or an underdog, whether rich or poor, whether in power or in opposition, whether a Union member or a civil society a...

  • Google+ fundamentally isn't about social or people

    People prefer being victims too much to make changes

    pauljacobson.org 11 Jan '14, 10am

    It’s easier to complain because you can play the role of the helpless victim. Being a victim seems to imply a lack of responsibility for your victimhood and an apparent inability to change that, beginning with an uncomfortable decision to do something different.


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