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  • E-books vs paper books: Which is better?

    E-books vs. Paper Books: Which is better for children?

    schoolbag.sg 23 Apr '17, 5am

    In this age of technology, children are no strangers to smartphones and tablets. They have access to more options for reading than ever before. Do they actually prefer one mode of reading to another? A survey conducted in 2012 by the National Literacy Trust in UK of 34,910 8 to 16-yea...

  • Read how this Pasir Ris Sec teacher uses magic tricks to teach science! #edsg

    Magic or Science? The classroom comes alive! - Story

    schoolbag.sg 28 Jul '14, 11am

    “Wingardium Leviosa!” This levitation spell from the Harry Potter fantasy book series is probably what most of us would be familiar with when it comes to making objects fly in the air. But what if students were to see their teacher levitating? At Pasir Ris Secondary School, students w...

  • Read about how spaces in Evergreen Sec become transformed by students’ artworks @ #edsg

    Transforming the School Experience with Art

    schoolbag.sg 29 Nov '13, 1pm

    Art transformed the spaces in Evergreen Secondary School, such as this project, titled Tap Fun! (Photo Credit: Evergreen Secondary School) Surprise, laughter and bewilderment are emotions that one can feel when walking around Evergreen Secondary School. As part of a six-week art cours...

  • Find out more about the interesting programmes that Regent Secondary has to help its at-risk students #edsg #sgedu

    Turning Around At-Risk Students the Regent Way

    schoolbag.sg 17 Feb '12, 9am

    Regent Secondary School runs a two-month anti-smoking campaign every year. Regent Secondary School student Sean Ng used to be what some would call a "problematic" kid: he picked up smoking when he was 13 years old because of peer pressure, was defiant in school, got into trouble and w...

  • Find out how Bowen Secondary School's Military Band turns the standard march into a dance that dazzles audiences

    Schoolbag.sg: Marching Band Hits the High Notes

    schoolbag.sg 06 May '11, 2pm

    Plumes and bright uniforms add colour to the music. From their base in the northeast of Singapore, the musicians have made their school a magnet for students who seek to play a part in a CCA with multiple awards under its belt. Recognised as a Niche School for its band programme in 20...

  • Schoolbag explores Canberra Primary School's 4Di lab with its touchscreen walls & immersive learning environment.

    Schoolbag.sg: Learning in Fun-filled Virtual Dimensions

    schoolbag.sg 05 May '11, 9am

    Integrating virtual reality gaming with multi-model mobile learning, the 4Di lab supports learning through play - one of the core thrusts of Canberra Primary School's [email protected] programme. Dubbed Canberra Live!, the programme lets pupils interact with various immersive lea...

  • Find out how students at Teck Ghee Primary act as online safety guides to their classmates #edsg

    Schoolbag.sg: Showing schoolmates the safe way to cyberspace

    schoolbag.sg 17 Jun '11, 10am

    Getting pupils on board for safe surfing Appointed at the start of the school year, the ambassadors go through a school-based training session to prepare them for the tasks ahead. One regular duty is maintaining the Cybersafe Kids Corner, which features presentations on cybersafety th...

  • The Magic of Mobile Learning via @Ziteapp #edtech #mlearning #edtech

    Schoolbag.sg: The Magic of Mobile Learning

    schoolbag.sg 23 May '11, 8am

    Explaining how Seamless Learning opens up multiple avenues for independent learning, Science teacher Ms Jenny Lee said, "This platform engages all their senses. The pupils can draw pictures, take photographs, create mind maps, produce videos and animations and submit these online to a...


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