• How Bitcoin Startups Are Disrupting the Remittance Market

    How Bitcoin Startups Are Disrupting the Remittance Market

    tech.co 13 Sep '16, 1pm

    Remittance companies have been long flourishing at the low-developed markets. Over $28,5 billion in personal remittances have been sent and received in the Philippines last year, which make up one-tenth of the country’s GDP. In Nigeria, the number is close to $35 billion annually . Ye...

  • Tech.Co - Tech & Startup Events, News and Resources

    tech.co 21 Sep '17, 11pm

    Jobs Stanford 10 Best Universities for Locking Down a Job After Graduation By Conor Cawley | Sep 21, 2017 at 3:50 pm Finding a job sucks. Between sitting through lengthy interviews, endlessly sending resumés, and constantly doubting your own self worth, the process can take a serious ...

  • Why Ruby on Rails is My Go-To App Development Platform

    tech.co 23 Jan '16, 11am

    When it comes to developing business web applications, companies are faced with a tough decision. There are a variety of development platforms or programs to choose from including Java, Python, and Ruby among others. But in my experience, Ruby on Rails is the go-to app for developing ...

  • The Right Way for Startups to Use Bitcoin

    tech.co 18 Jun '13, 7pm

    [...] The Right Way for Startups to Use BitcoinTech CocktailThe companies best suited for Bitcoin payments are digital content providers, mobile application providers, social gaming companies, and companies that make international payments, Murck said. The reason for this is because o...

  • Bitcoin Could Transform Government (in 5 Quotes)

    tech.co 29 Jul '15, 4pm

    Bitcoin, the digital currency infamous for wild swings in value and black market transactions , could have profound implications for the future of public services. Tech optimists at the highest levels of government are exploring how the same technology that makes bitcoin anonymous cou...

  • London Pub Now Accepting Bitcoin

    tech.co 22 Jul '13, 3pm

    The Pembury Tavern in London: Now Accepting Bitcoin Will Schmidt Jun 26, 2013 Tweet Stephen Early, a Cambridge University computer scientist-turned-pub owner, decided to accept Bitcoin as a viable currency at The Pembury Tavern in Hackney, east London. Early’s sister bars in Cambridge...

  • Top Tech Companies Are Now Using Ruby on Rails

    tech.co 17 Aug '14, 2pm

    Tech professionals have hailed the Ruby on Rails framework as the future of web application design. There are no limits to who can use it; it is flexible (while remaining a powerful platform) and simple to use (while not compromising on key functions). Some think it is mostly suitable...

  • A Ruby on Rails Bootcamp in Paradise

    A Ruby on Rails Bootcamp in Paradise

    tech.co 28 Oct '14, 5pm

    It’s the key to many things in life, and Ruby on the Beach is hoping it will be the key to making their coding bootcamp stand out from the scores of others that are popping up all over the world. Their location is beautiful, tropical Bali, and more specifically Ubud – its center of ar...