04 Sep '13, 3am


Just now The Cove download has been blocked in Japan with a regional IP denial notice: http://thecovemovie.com/ipDenial The workaround of course is an anonymizer proxy. I just downloaded the film flawlessly in Kyoto, for example, with http://anonymouse.ws/ Anybody in Japan can do that, but I don't know how many people here are familiar with anonymous proxy technology. This site gives a wide range of options - http://www.freeproxy.ru/en/free_proxy/cgi-proxy.htm, but it's all in English (or Russian) alas. If anyone knows a Japanese language site that introduces this tech, it would be helpful to spam it around to the dolphin supportive crowd over here. It would both help to get the movie out and spread some useful countermeasures to other censorship challenges downstream.

Full article: http://joi.ito.com/jp/archives/2011/03/03/005501.html


これ見て胸が熱くなったおぼえがある。 // Joiさんの締めコメントでサラッとひけてるしね。 ...

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I'm a bit too tired today to reply in Japanese, but I agree with you totally. I think I'll focus on getting my friends onl...

#embraceserendipity with @Joi

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Joi - Thanks so much for the visibility you are giving to our new book, The Power of Pull. You were an inspiration for us ...