16 Sep '13, 1am

Belkin Audio Splitter

Belkin Audio Splitter

The Belkin Audio Splitter is exclusive to Apple Stores in Hong Kong and Li Xiang got it for me when she was there. It is retailing for HKD$148 (SGD$24) . It is a very simple no frills 3.5 mm (1/8 in.) audio jack splitter and definitely way overpriced. If you are using headphones/earphones with a microphone, the microphone part of it will not work because the splitter doesn’t transmit it to the phone. When I first looked at the packaging, I was expecting it to be stiff but surprisingly, there is a some flexibility in it. Belkin Audio Splitter – Box Front Belkin Audio Splitter – Box Back Belkin Audio Splitter Belkin Audio Splitter – 3.5mm Audio Jack Belkin Audio Splitter – To 2x 3.5mm Audio Jack Belkin Audio Splitter – Plugged Into iPhone 5

Full article: http://lesterchan.net/blog/2013/09/16/belkin-audio-splitter/


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