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SG Malls- Database of the malls in Singapore by @jiayijoyce

SG Malls- Database of the malls in Singapore by @jiayijoyce

Using the app was quite an experience. At first I could not even access the app because it kept crashing and returning me back to home screen. I tried a few times and found that it is crashes every time I enable the Data and Location Services which when was supposed to show me nearby malls and load floor plan for malls. So I made do without that and found an app that works, on principle. It did show me a listing of all the malls and subsequently, all the shops in the chosen mall. It is disappointing that SG Malls did not seem to have updated their database. The newer malls such as “Esplanade Link”, “Nex” and “Clementi Mall” where not found, nor were changes in tenant reflected in the directory. I am very sure that PepperLunch is in Whitesands even if SG Mall begs to differ!

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