29 Dec '11, 3pm

Just wrote Reflections: Circumstances, Luck & Execution

Every challenge is difficult and continues to exist whether the success rate is 10% or 0.1%: Here’s a way to think about the ecosystem in Southeast Asia against Silicon Valley and Zhong Guan Cun: the success rate with a good entrepreneurial ecosystem (which takes years to build) may be 0.1% for Southeast Asia and 10% for Silicon Valley or Zhong Guan Cun, with three essential components: one, finding good talent to help you scale your company; two, the abundance of funding from angel to high levels & powerful tech companies in the vicinity from Google to Baidu; and three, a positive feeling and a lively debate within the ecosystem. We will have to constantly be challenged if we are to take on the system fraught with difficulties and obstacles. If it’s that easy, everyone can be an entrepreneur. It’s actually dependent on how hard we keep thinking about the problem and const...

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