13 Aug '14, 12pm

Use Chromecast on the Kindle Fire! No root

The kindle fire is an android device (although heavily skinned). So it should be able to use chromecast right? Correct! Booyah! Step one: Allow for third party apps in the settings of your kindle fire. Step two: Download the 1mobilemarket apk and install it on your kindle device. Here is the apk: http://www.1mobile.com/app/market/?ci... Step three: Open the 1mobilemarket and search for youtube, play music, chromecast and play movies. Then install each one. Step four: All done! Open up the chromecast app, sync it with your device and you are ready to go! Disclaimers Youtube is a little weird and you may have to start a video in landscape then press the chromecast button for it to work. Netflix works great. Google play music has not worked at all for me. And google play videos has not been tested.

Full article: http://hackerspace.lifehacker.com/use-chromecast-on-the-k...


Chromecast Is Root

Chromecast Is Root

hackaday.com 25 Aug '14, 2pm

Image from [psouza4] on the xda-developers forum Chromecast is as close as you’re going to get to a perfect device – plug ...