23 Mar '12, 4am

Interview with Guyi Shen: How @LobangClub got 38k users, and more

SGE: Can you highlight some key lessons from each of your previous business, and how you would have done things differently on hindsight? Guyi: For my first startup, the key lesson is to pick your founders carefully; the business didn’t reach potential because of a difference in risk profiles on the founders. For my second startup, the key lesson is that overnight successes are usually more due to being in the right place and the right time rather than any inherent skill on the part of the entrepreneur, stay humble and work hard to maximise your luck rather than think you are smarter than you really are. And for my third startup, I learnt that you are never good enough not to give 100% of your focus to the business. End. More about LobangClub: Guyi’s thoughts on e-commerce in Southeast Asia LobangClub asked by authorities to remove cigarette postings

Full article: http://sgentrepreneurs.com/innovation-technology/2012/03/...


I Got Hacked. Here’s What I Learned From It

I Got Hacked. Here’s What I Learned From It

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