24 Feb '15, 10pm

Switch between two audio devices in a snap with AutoHotkey:

#include VA.ahk ;VA.ahk has to be in the same folder as this script #Persistent ;this keeps the script running if no hotkeys are set (though one is) ;SETS THE TRAY ICON, ADDS AN OPTION TO RUN THE SCRIPT FROM THE TRAY Menu, Tray, Icon, speak.ico,,1 ;default is speaker icon Menu, Tray, NoStandard ;? Menu, Tray, Add, &Switch Playback Device, #h ;add tray option Menu, Tray, Add, ;add blank line Menu, Tray, Standard ;? Menu, Tray, Default, &Switch Playback Device ;default option is new option Return ;TOGGLE HEADPHONES AND SPEAKERS (if those are the only 2 playback devices enabled) #h:: ;Win+h toggles headphones / speakers Toggle := !Toggle VA_SetDefaultEndpoint("playback:" (Toggle ? 1 : 2), 0) if (Toggle) { Menu, Tray, Icon, head.ico,,1 } else { Menu, Tray, Icon, speak.ico,,1 } return<span></span>

Full article: http://hackerspace.lifehacker.com/switch-between-two-audi...


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