15 Jul '15, 3am

Such a honor to be interviewed by Spirit of Enterprise organizing committee.

I differentiate my business through my priority in setting service standards. For example: to never miss call from customers and always return missed calls to our customers. I advocate that all my staff has to answer their calls. To be responsible, we have to be responsive. These may seem like small details but it changes people’s perspectives. Small steps make a big difference, and I call it my winning formula. To illustrate my point, if your friend had not picked up your call, and would call you back to check on the missed call, you will have a good impression of them. This showcases having a good attitude and being responsible since they will come back and find you. The same goes for service and creating impressions on others. People will be willing to pay for such services.

Full article: http://soe.org.sg/awards_2014_interview/max-mok-sui-siong/


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