17 Dec '15, 1am

LEGO Minifigure Display Case 16

According to Chowren Toys, this display case is the 2015 edition. I am not sure what is the exact difference between different years. But when I bought a LEGO Small Minifigure Display Case two years ago from New York’s LEGO store, only the front panel is transparent and it comes with a Minifigure.

Full article: https://lesterchan.net/blog/2015/12/17/lego-minifigure-di...


Cutlery Drainer Case

Cutlery Drainer Case

juztoday.com 17 Dec '15, 12am

However, this deal offers something that is even better than a normal cutlery organiser. With a 60% discount, this case no...

No. 16 on our list of Players to Watch: @BrandtSnedeker:

No. 16 on our list of Players to Watch: @Brandt...

pgatour.com 15 Dec '15, 3pm

Brandt Snedeker talked about how he felt "relevant" again after winning the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am last Februar...

Nexus 6P Official Case

lesterchan.net 18 Dec '15, 3am

The Nexus 6P Official Case was out of stock for quite sometime on the Google Store. I have been trying to get it but to no...

A Case for Investing in Bitcoin in 2016

A Case for Investing in Bitcoin in 2016

thestreet.com 19 Dec '15, 4pm

So, if you live in Argentina, China, or any other geography where government intervention, be it currency manipulation or ...

Slate Food Display Platters

Slate Food Display Platters

juztoday.com 20 Dec '15, 12am

THE DEAL HIGHLIGHTS Slate Food Display Platters Set of 3 shapes: - Round - Rectangle - Square Comes in a set of three No c...

Raspberry Pi Zero Information Display

Raspberry Pi Zero Information Display

electronics-lab.com 18 Dec '15, 7am

After last week’s Pi Zero mod, I thought I’d try a slightly more useful project. Using an Adafruit OLED display, two push ...