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  • Welcome to ACE WEB PORTAL

    ace.sg 22 Oct '12, 4am

    Introducing the ACE Starter Kit - ACE wants entrepreneurs to succeed. That is why ACE has put together The ACE Starter Kit, a digital dashboard that gives you access to an array of free subscriptions and discounts on startup products and services.

  • ACE Startup Grant

    ace.sg 14 Feb '12, 6am

    Must NOT be registered or incorporated (Please download info sheet for more details); Have NOT received any funding for the proposed business idea from another government organisation; Eligible applicant(s) must hold or propose to hold at least 51% equity in the underlying company; an...

  • Action Community for Entrepreneurship

    ace.sg 16 Jan '13, 10am

    Dear partners and friends of ACE, Do note that the ACE website underwent routine maintenance and was shifted between 30 Nov and 2 Dec. If you have sent any enquiries to our email accounts from 28 Nov onwards, your emails may have been lost during the transition. If you do not receive ...

  • Current Book Reviews

    ace.sg 27 Apr '12, 6am

    Claire Chiang’s auto-biography “Memoirs of Landing”, written to commemorate her 60th birthday, highlights her life-story and her struggles to get to where she is today. A significant portion of the book highlights her struggles in setting up Banyan Tree, and on how she tries to reconc...

  • ACE Startup Grant | Action Community for Entrepreneurship

    ace.sg 22 Mar '13, 2pm

    The ACE Startups Grant aims to help entrepreneurial Singaporeans take the first step to start and build their first venture, so as to develop entrepreneurship and to create valued jobs for Singaporeans. If you are ready to take your first step in starting up, this could be for you. Gr...

  • ACE Website

    ace.sg 17 Jan '14, 12pm

  • Growth & Expansion Strategies

    ace.sg 18 Sep '12, 6am

    This strategy on the other hand, necessitates developing new products to be sold in existing markets. This can be seen as a quite common process because for a company to sustain its presence and growth, it cannot rely on a single product range. For instance, in the retail industry of ...

  • Funding a Business

    ace.sg 15 Aug '12, 9am

    At what stage is your business right now? How risky is your business proposition? Prioritize your funding needs: Do you require short-term or long term financing? How much funds do you intend to raise? How would the funds be utilized? What is the money used for – Is it for operational...