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I wished that I knew about the book “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits” by Verne Harnish when I was working on my startup a few years back.

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  • My new post "Digital Disruption in Traditional Companies":

    Digital Disruption in Traditional Companies

    bernardleong.com 17 Nov '14, 3pm

    Most people see the threat of digital businesses too late. First they are perceived to be too small when they first started. They typically target the niche market that is adjacent to the traditional market. With high quality customer service and easy access, they generate network eff...

  • A Possible Solution to the Taxi problem in Singapore

    bernardleong.com 06 Nov '14, 1am

    The reason is because the taxi drivers have beaten the system. First of all, the taxi drivers gave excuses for not fetching some people because the distance is too far. For example, a taxi driver finds no incentive to drive someone up from the city to Jurong because he would have diff...

  • [Recap] Reflections of my life upon reaching 40:

    One in a Million @ 40s

    bernardleong.com 13 Oct '14, 4pm

    The one in a million event in my 20s is to achieve my dream as a theoretical physicist in the university of choice. The best part of the story is that I made it happen, despite the odds. A lot of people can say that it’s obvious. Behind the scenes in making that happen, I went through...

  • [Recap] Where you want to be depends on you

    Where you want to be depends on you

    bernardleong.com 22 Aug '14, 12am

    Having a family also made me think as well where my children will get maximum opportunities for their lives. For some particularly the expats, it may be in Singapore because they enjoyed the low taxes and great careers, but for others, I prefer to be in the US because I share the prin...

  • The Trouble with Two Sided Marketplaces

    bernardleong.com 02 May '14, 2am

    So, why should you turn a two-sided into one sided marketplace? The answer is focus. You have limited resources and time to run your company. Let me use an example of a successful two sided marketplace that worked on the principle I have stated. If you think about it, Groupon, AirBnB ...

  • Unbundling of Native Mobile Apps (and how it impacts Asian companies)

    bernardleong.com 18 Jun '14, 5am

    Customer experience and usage on mobility has changed: Given the short timespan a customer has on a mobile application, the focus for the mobile app is centred on moving the user towards a simple workflow such that the transaction between the user and the mobile app is completed. In s...

  • On Mentoring in Startups & Corporates

    bernardleong.com 23 Feb '14, 5pm

    For any intern I have mentored, I actually plan what they would do in my startup or the work environment that I am in. I would relate my experience in Chalkboard because I have trained not just one but at least five successful interns (and I won’t name them). I typically start them wi...

  • Advice to Startups Targeting Small & Medium Enterprises in Southeast Asia

    bernardleong.com 24 Mar '14, 12am

    There is a danger for any startup to find product and market fit at the early stages of inception. Most startup founders often reached for the market that is easily accessible to them given the lack of networks and industry experience. One segment which I often see startups stumble is...