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I wished that I knew about the book “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits” by Verne Harnish when I was working on my startup a few years back.

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  • The only career advice that I give to others

    bernardleong.com 18 Dec '17, 7am

    I read any book for at least 30 minutes a day. The reason is that it keeps me learning something new today. Sometimes, I will do a random search on a topic of choice and look for journals, periodicals and research articles that relates to the area. If you just rely on reading, it is u...

  • [New Blog Post] Different Facets of My Life captured by different #podcasts so far

    Different Facets of My Life captured by Podcasts so far

    bernardleong.com 13 Nov '17, 5am

    from Asia Tech Podcast has successfully interviewed me on the other aspects of my life which I have rarely talked about. While a lot of people know me for my corporate day job, my past entrepreneurial work and current side hustle: Analyse Asia, very few people know of my early backgro...

  • The only career advice that I give to others

    bernardleong.com 21 Dec '17, 4pm

    Once you have learned from everyone, you must form your own perspective or opinion on the matter. You can have strong opinions but loosely held so that you may change your mind if your circumstances or constraints may change with time. The deeper implication in this verse is that you ...

  • What is your strategy when your startup is showing signs of failure?

    Live to Fight Another Day

    bernardleong.com 07 Nov '16, 1am

    Some INSEAD students often asked me why I am still an entrepreneur in residence in INSEAD Business School even though I have been in corporate life for 5 years. You can take a man off the street in being an entrepreneur but you cannot take the entrepreneur off the man. I often answere...

  • A new post I have written for the start of 2015: Startups Dilemmas in Asia: Bad Revenues & Pivot

    Startups Dilemmas in Asia: Bad Revenues & Pivot

    bernardleong.com 02 Jan '15, 1am

    Can the bad revenues sustain about 50% of the burn rate of the company while you work on the pivot? : The reason for this is that you buy yourself some time with the runway you have got. Depending on the situation, I advise differently. If the company has a lot of runway, then I will ...

  • How to evaluate “Uber for X” companies | Bernard

    bernardleong.com 04 Jul '15, 7am

    For Uber to reach the scale of UPS or Fedex, they have to end up building up their own fleets. The only situation that I can ever see Uber doing this is to have a fleet of self-driving cars and that’s when they can compete in the space of traditional logistics companies. So, why are U...

  • On Mentoring in Startups & Corporates

    bernardleong.com 23 Feb '14, 5pm

    For any intern I have mentored, I actually plan what they would do in my startup or the work environment that I am in. I would relate my experience in Chalkboard because I have trained not just one but at least five successful interns (and I won’t name them). I typically start them wi...

  • Perspectives on Venture Capital in Asia by @bleongcw is a great read

    Perspectives on Venture Capital in Asia

    bernardleong.com 06 Dec '14, 3pm

    Building a company valued at least US$100M (or exit either by sale or taking it public) or running a public company of at least US$1B market capitalisation. The reason to impose this condition is that I am equipped with the ability to manage a company in a massive scale. On that scale...