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Project Show & Tell It's the last Friday Hacks of the semester! There are no talks planned today but we would like to invite you to show us all the [...] Read More.

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  • In memoriam, Aaron Swartz

    nushackers.org 13 Jan '13, 7pm

    (This post is written by Eli, a former President of NUS Hackers.) Aaron Swartz was my hero. He died two days ago, committing suicide at the age of 26, too early in a colourful and accomplished life, and now, too late. I won’t cover all that he has done; people who know him personally ...

  • Tips for Attending a Hackathon as a Programming Newbie

    nushackers.org 19 Jan '14, 1am

    Our annual hackathon, Hack&Roll, is coming up at the end of this week. If you’re a freshman, or new to programming, you’re probably wondering if you should join it. You barely know how to program, after all, much less build apps — why join a competition filled with people with way mor...

  • Friday Hacks #67, March 21

    nushackers.org 20 Mar '14, 5am

    This friday, we have a talk by Lee Chun Munn from Institute of Systems Science about what’s new in Java 8. See you there! Date/Time : Friday, March 21th at 6:30pm Venue : SR2, Education Resource Centre, University Town Map : http://goo.gl/maps/2Zy3M Free pizza is served before the tal...

  • Guest Post #1 NUSMorge

    nushackers.org 18 Mar '13, 3pm

    Guest Post #1 NUSMorge Posted on March 18, 2013 by omer In the spirit of hacking, we’re starting a new series of posts exposing some of the projects made during the hack&roll. NUSMorge is a timetable merger, built on top of the Beng’s open source web app nusmods.com. It was built in 2...

  • Friday Hacks #39, Feb 1

    nushackers.org 30 Jan '13, 9am

    Friday Hacks #39, Feb 1 Posted on January 30, 2013 by Eli James This week we have Michael Yong and Gaurav Chandrashekar, two NUS students who have or will be interning at interesting tech companies. Michael will be sharing about lessons he learnt from passing the Quora and Google inte...

    1. Friday Hacks #40, Feb 8 nushackers.org 05 Feb '13, 5pm
  • Friday Hacks #38, Jan 25

    nushackers.org 22 Jan '13, 8am

    Friday Hacks #38, Jan 25 Posted on January 22, 2013 by Eli James This week, we have Michael Cheng, convener of the Singapore PHP user group talking about rapid prototyping in PHP, and Omer Iqbal, an NUS Student who will be talking about Clojure. Date/Time: Friday, January 25 at 6:30pm...

    1. Friday Hacks #37, Jan 18 nushackers.org 16 Jan '13, 3pm
  • Friday Hacks #47, Apr 12

    nushackers.org 12 Apr '13, 4am

    This week we have Gaurav Chandrashekar. Date/Time: Friday, April 12 at 6:30pm Venue: SR2, Education Resource Centre, University Town. Map: http://goo.gl/maps/2Zy3M Sign up here: http://bit.ly/fridayhacks2013 Free pizza is served before the talks. Talk: Building real time apps with met...

  • Friday Hacks #46, Apr 5

    nushackers.org 04 Apr '13, 2am

    Post navigation ← Friday Hacks #45, Mar 22 Friday Hacks #46, Apr 5 Posted on April 4, 2013 by benedict This week we have Dr Yiqun Hu and Alvin Jiang from PayPal Singapore R&D Lab. Dr Hu will be sharing with us an interesting research done on sound. Following that, Alvin will be sharin...

    1. Friday Hacks #47, Apr 12 nushackers.org 12 Apr '13, 4am