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Project Show & Tell It's the last Friday Hacks of the semester! There are no talks planned today but we would like to invite you to show us all the [...] Read More.

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  • NUS Hackers’ Digest: Preparing for a coding interview by Facebook Front End Engineer and NUS Alumni @yangshunz! https://t.co/SziebJZjHo

    Digest: Preparing for a Coding Interview | NUSHackers

    nushackers.org 12 Oct '17, 6am

    One exception to the convention of allowing you to “pick any programming language you want” is when you are interviewing for a domain-specific position, such as Front End/iOS/Android Engineer roles, in which you would need to be familiar with coding algorithms in JavaScript, Objective...

  • NUS Hackers’ Digest: NUS Hackers site migration and redesign https://t.co/lD2O2DjvnM

    Digest: NUS Hackers site migration and redesign | NUSHackers

    nushackers.org 21 Sep '17, 6am

    Digest: NUS Hackers site migration and redesign Posted on Sep 17 by Li Kai This summer, the NUS Hackers site went through a huge redesign (you’re looking at it right now). It took the efforts of everyone on the core team to make the blog better. In terms of improvements we managed to ...

  • Digest: Summary of the Current State of LaTeX

    nushackers.org 15 Feb '17, 8am

    This article will be structured in two parts. The first discusses reasons to use or not use LaTeX to typeset your document, while the second discusses the current landscape of TeX engines, document typesetting systems, and distributions. 1. Introduction: do you really need to use TeX?...

  • Friday Hacks #133, March 31

    nushackers.org 31 Mar '17, 9am

    Hey folks, join this special edition on cyber security to hear from Jeff Moss and Halvar Flake! Event Description: NUS Greyhats and NUS Hackers are co-organizing this coming speaker series! For this event, we have invited two distinguished speakers. (1) Jeff Moss, founder of DEFCON an...

  • @yuchua

    Digest: Dates with JavaScript

    nushackers.org 03 Jul '17, 11pm

    Digest: Dates with JavaScript Posted on 25 Jan 2017 by Ng Zhi An This post is about the various ways you can create a Date in JavaScript, both documented and undocumented, how it works under the hood, and the (maybe surprising) results you get. I first came across this while working o...

  • Friday Hacks #128, February 17

    nushackers.org 17 Feb '17, 11am

    We are excited to have Emil and Sunny speaking at this week’s FH before we break for recess week. Check out more details below. See you there! Date/Time: Friday, February 17 at 6:30pm Venue: SR3, Town Plaza, University Town, NUS Free pizza is served before the talks! Facebook event he...

  • Friday Hacks #111, April 1

    nushackers.org 31 Mar '16, 6am

    It’s going to be an epic security themed Friday this week. There will be two talks followed by a Q/A with Jeff Moss, founder of Black Hat & DEF CON! Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1546142585684888/ Date/Time : Friday, April 1 at 6:30pm Venue : Seminar Room 3, Town Pla...

  • NUS Hackers’ Digest: The Internals of Microsoft Word by @jethroksy https://t.co/Aa6yOKRr7w

    Digest: Editor Internals - MS Word

    nushackers.org 13 Mar '17, 3am

    Recently, I delivered a presentation on techniques that enable real-time collaboration, with a focus on text editors. Since, I’ve developed an interest in how text editors are implemented. This series is an attempt at an overview of the internals of all popular text editor implementat...