Prior Fat Girl — Sugar Coating Not Included

I started on my journey in August of 2007. For two years I fought, kicked and cried my way through losing 90+lbs. I was well on my way to hitting an official 100lbs ...

  • A Week of Workouts — Prior Fat Girl: Get Shareaholic I try to workout about 5 times a week. I find that once I g...

    A Week of Workouts

    priorfatgirl.com 17 May '12, 5pm

    I try to workout about 5 times a week. I find that once I get out of the habit it is that much harder to get in it. So I have fixed my rest days and try to get some activity in on all other days. That way even if I miss a day because of factors outside my control then I am still getti...

  • Skinny is not a compliment.

    priorfatgirl.com 21 Jun '12, 2pm

    Jen, I think this is one of my very favorite posts of yours. I started following your blog at the start of my own journey from 260 pounds down. I am at 175 now, which is about 30 from my goal, but I have reached a point where I feel happy in my skin, and where my husband is extremely ...

  • A workout decision — Prior Fat Girl: Get Shareaholic It was over 90 degrees here in Minneapolis. A beautiful day...

    A workout decision

    priorfatgirl.com 19 May '12, 2am

    A workout decision by Jen, a priorfatgirl on May 18, 2012 Get Shareaholic It was over 90 degrees here in Minneapolis. A beautiful day ending a busy week. Dinner was salmon, rice and Riesling. After dinner, since we had no plans, we decided to go outside and read. My mind alternated be...

  • What Society Tells me…

    priorfatgirl.com 18 Feb '13, 9pm

    Yesterday I had an opportunity to meet a friend for coffee up at the Rosedale Mall in Roseville. I am normally not up that far north in the metro any more and it had been a while since I was there. After comparing notes about our own kids, ourselves and life in general we found oursel...

  • Comfortable.

    priorfatgirl.com 22 Jun '12, 4pm

    So on Wednesday I choose comfort, the comfort of knowing that “me” – the fat-me, the out-of-shape-me. But it didn’t make me feel better. I felt comfortable, but that isn’t what I want. I don’t want to drug myself with food when life is difficult. I don’t want to be that person. The fa...

  • HOORAY!!!

    Week 20

    priorfatgirl.com 23 May '12, 4pm

    That’s right I hit the 50lb mark this week. I am thrilled! If you had told me in January that I could be so determined and successful I might have laughed at you. Seriously, 50 lbs in 5 months is impressive I think. Ironically it feels so slow when you are going about it day to day bu...

  • Such a genuine, honest post. This is why I love this girl...Relatable for so many. Keep pushing through! @priorfatgirl

    Breaking up with my therapist.

    priorfatgirl.com 20 Jan '13, 10pm

    Me: Do you think we should change our visits so it isn’t weekly anymore? Therapist: Well, I’m not sure that’s the best for where you are right now but if you need a break, than we can work through that. Me: No, I don’t need a break. It’s just, well, I feel like every week when I’m on ...

  • Two months without working out.

    priorfatgirl.com 16 May '12, 1am

    What? You thought this was a healthiness blog? Psh. Okay, okay. It’s true I’ve been working through some emotional healthiness things, and I’ve been allowing myself to heal. I gotta get back into being healthy, not only just mentally but physically. Being healthy physically also means...


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