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    soe.org.sg 27 Jul '17, 9am

    Meeting Ms Jeannie Pang and Ms Pamela Goi was an exceptionally inspiring moment. Ms Jeannie Pang's fiery attitude could be felt at all times, especially when she answered some of our interview questions. One could sense her intensity and commitment to her work; she even came to work w...


    soe.org.sg 15 Jul '15, 3am

    I differentiate my business through my priority in setting service standards. For example: to never miss call from customers and always return missed calls to our customers. I advocate that all my staff has to answer their calls. To be responsible, we have to be responsive. These may ...

  • Spirit of Enterprise jwellary designer

    Spirit of Enterprise jwellary designer

    soe.org.sg 21 Oct '12, 9pm

    He later ventured in Thailand in the hope that things will change for the better over there. He permitted one of the factories in Bangkok to manufacture his designs. However, to Mr Lee's disbelieve, this factory actually used and sold his designs in the market without his permission. ...

  • about photography and business Edmond Ho, most famous adv photog in Singapore. YOU MUST READ!

    Spirit of Enterprise

    soe.org.sg 26 Jun '12, 4am

    When I first went into business, I quickly realised how difficult it is to gain a foothold in the industry because nobody wants to give you a chance when you're new - even after you have shown them your work. Moreover, photography is a very expensive business to start due to the high ...

  • Mr. Bellum Tan started business at the tender age of 24 years old in 1974, after having work for a number of...

    Spirit of Enterprise

    soe.org.sg 02 Aug '13, 9am

    In order to gain financial freedom, you need to learn financial literacy. School teaches us academic subjects which are very good to prepare us to work for others. Earning salary by working for others which I call "Earn" income, is exchanging time for money. Having a job limits you on...

  • @Ohhyabeyasom

    Spirit of Enterprise

    soe.org.sg 21 May '12, 11am

    Vincent Ng is known for his outstanding performance in Wushu during his younger days. He then became an artiste in Mediacorp but he did not give up on the sport. Vincent has bagged multiple gold medals for Wushu from a tender age of 13, when he entered the national team. Boasting 7 go...

  • Spirit of Enterprise

    soe.org.sg 15 Feb '12, 10am

    We cater to what our clients need, not what we want to sell. By knowing what our clients want, we are able to meet their needs, which helps us to sell better. We are in a niche business and we offer a complete one-stop service to our clients. Instead of just providing the clients with...

  • lengkap banget nih wawancaranya ttg @MerryRiana

    Spirit of Enterprise

    soe.org.sg 03 Apr '13, 5am

    Even though I was totally devastated with losing all my money in my initial ventures in playing stocks, and faced a lot of problems as a new Financial Consultant, I am always focused on what I have, and not to be too concerned on what I don't have. I knew I had energy, willingness to ...


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