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  • 63 - Copyright Act 21 Feb '17, 7am

    Division 7 — Copying of Works in Institutions Assisting Persons with Reading Disabilities and Institutions Assisting Intellectually Handicapped Readers

  • 1 - Singapore Arms and Flag and National Anthem Rules 11 Jan '17, 3pm

    —(1) Subject to international practice, the Flag shall take precedence over all other flags when displayed in Singapore. (2) When the Flag is displayed with any other flag or flags, the Flag shall be displayed prominently, in the position of honour and, where practicable, above all ot...

  • 4 - Regulation of Imports and Exports (Chewing Gum) Regulations 31 Oct '16, 2pm

    In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires — “chewing gum” means the substance usually known as chewing gum, bubble gum or dental chewing gum, or any like substance prepared from a gum base of vegetable or synthetic origin and intended for chewing; “chewing gum with t...

  • 532 - Central Provident Fund Act (Amendment of First Schedule) Notification 2016 01 Nov '16, 10am

    (1) Where the contributions on an employee’s additional wages for any year after 2015 (called in this sub-paragraph the current year) to be paid by an employer (as recomputed under paragraph 2(3) or 3(6)) exceed the contributions already paid by that employer on those additional wages...

  • Search 01 Oct '16, 2am

    Search the whole content or selected fields of specified types of legislation, or search using a search expression, within a specified date range (if applicable). Information about search expression syntax, including examples, can be found in

  • 3 - Environmental Public Health (Public Cleansing) Regulations 26 Sep '16, 1pm

    (1A) A public waste collector licensee providing the service of collecting and removing refuse in any area specified in the Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth or Eleventh Schedule shall provide, to each occupier of any building or land located in that area (bei...

  • 170 - Private Security Industry (Conduct) Regulations 2009 24 Nov '16, 12am

    —(1) A licensed security agency which deploys any licensed security officer in its employ to carry out any function of a security officer at any premises (referred to in this regulation as the relevant premises) shall not knowingly or negligently publish or communicate to any person a...

  • 1 - Judges’ Remuneration (Annual Pensionable Salary) Order 28 Aug '16, 6am

    Judges’ Remuneration Act (Chapter 147, Section 2(1) ) Judges’ Remuneration (Annual Pensionable Salary) Order O 1 G.N. No. S 331/1994 REVISED EDITION 1994 (1st September 1994) [1st September 1994] Citation 1. This Order may be cited as the Judges’ Remuneration (Annual Pensionable Salar...

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