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Thanks Samsung, I couldn't have said it better myself. I spotted this outdoor poster in downtown Palo Alto last month. It's a friendly hello from ...

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  • Interesting comments re Chinese UI - would like to see more around Chinese web design UI/UX... watch this space!

    Designed in China: The best of Chinese UI

    techrice.com 29 Jul '14, 1pm

    Today marks the launch of TechRice Design , a new project to highlight the best in Chinese web and mobile user interfaces (UI). The blog would be hosted here on Tumblr , but I want to share this announcement with all TechRice readers to kick it off. We’re all too familiar with what’s ...

  • Why is it so damn hard to understand China’s mobile market? Introducing the China App Index. | TechRice

    techrice.com 21 Apr '14, 10am

    Two things stand out when I talk to foreign app developers about China: They’re very excited about the opportunity; They know almost nothing about the market. If they’re so eager, then why is still so hard for them to understand the China market? First, to investigate a new market, a ...

  • Time to Join a China Startup?

    techrice.com 21 Jun '14, 11pm

    First, while the notion of guo jin min tui (国进民退 – the state advances while the private sector retreats) has gotten a lot of recent attention, the private sector in China has quietly become the engine of economic growth and outpaces the state-owned sector in a few essential benchmarks...

  • Breaking down Mary Meeker’s Latest: Trends in China & the Global Internet

    Breaking down Mary Meeker’s Latest: Trends in China & the Global Internet |

    techrice.com 16 Jun '14, 11am

    Alibaba previously wiped the floor with former China market favorite eBay EachNet, but now faces a rising threat from its domestic rival, Tencent, a giant in social, mobile and gaming. Tencent is leveraging the rapid growth of its mobile social app WeChat and the QR Code trend to incr...

  • Inside Douban, China’s Truly Original Social -

    Inside Douban, China’s Truly Original Social Network | TechRice

    techrice.com 28 May '14, 6pm

    Limited revenue sources – Douban’s current revenue sources are disappointingly thin. The profit sharing model with Amazon is more limited than it sounds as most Chinese users turn to sites like Dangdang, whose loud mouth CEO and isn’t afraid to do what it takes to attract more users, ...

  • Trae la vision del producto,nosotros ponemos el resto.buen articulo.

    Samsung: “You bring the product vision, we’ll bring the rest.” | TechRice

    techrice.com 02 Jun '14, 1am

    Thanks Samsung, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I spotted this outdoor poster in downtown Palo Alto last month. It’s a friendly hello from the Samsung Accelerator that just set up its office there. Here’s a story that analyst Benedict Evans uses to describe Samsung’s situation ...

  • "feed://buff.ly/1mUCnCl"

    Sina Weibo to Issue Social Credit Cards

    techrice.com 30 Aug '14, 9am

    Sina and China Merchant’s Bank will launch a social credit card for Weibo DaRen users at the end of August. Sina is in non-stop experimentation mode as it tries to monetize Weibo. Here’s the scoop. What are DaRen Users? One year ago Sina Weibo launched “DaRen” as form of user verifica...

  • Groupon China is Crumbling. Why Do Foreign Internet Companies Fail in China? | TechRice

    techrice.com 09 May '14, 1am

    Hi Riley, you have to look at Chinese internet as two main markets, one represented by the top tier cities where the general population have relative high spending power, these people are the most well educated Chinese and two the rural China, where most of the population are from vil...


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