28 Aug '17, 4am

Akimitsu – Award-Winning Tendon Shop From Tokyo Opens At Plaza Singapura And Vivocity. It Was Greasy? https://t.co/u6OFAx9rSO

Akimitsu is an award-winning Tempura and Tendon restaurant which originated from Asakusa in Tokyo, Japan with over 128 years of history. It has also got Singaporeans diners curious enough to fill the restaurant with long lines.

Full article: http://danielfooddiary.com/2017/08/28/akimitsu/


The DEPARTURES guide to Tokyo:

departures.com 30 Aug '17, 11pm

While two major international airports service Tokyo, each presents its own challenges. In- or outbound U.S. flights are u...

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Similar to the way Finland seems to be going with its phenomenon-based learning. I remember reading Pasi Sahlberg’s book o...

Hai Di Lao 海底捞 – Popular Chinese Hotpot Restaur...

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Popular Chinese hotpot restaurant Hai Di Lao 海底捞 will be opening another outlet at Orchard Road after [email protected] , ...

KITH Treats opens its doors in Tokyo:

KITH Treats opens its doors in Tokyo:

highsnobiety.com 25 Aug '17, 8am

KITH Treats, Ronnie Fieg ‘s cereal bar and cafe, and the first of its kind in New York, is now expanding overseas. The Bro...