28 Aug '17, 6pm

The Hitsuji Club – BBQ lamb lovers rejoice! https://t.co/RdVOcOb5kf

Needless to say, the lamb tasted fabulous. Good cuts cooked well and without heavy sauces, the sweetness of the lamb really comes through. The veg were also crisp and sweet. And I know some people say that lamb has a smell, that’s probably because you’ve not eaten lamb! Lamb is actually a young sheep less than 1 year of age. Mutton, which is the meat from sheep that is above 1 year of age, is more common in Singapore (think mutton briyani etc), and it’s mutton that has a heavier taste. And if you found the “lamb/mutton” to be tough, that means you were probably given really old meat, or that the cooking process wasn’t correct. Choose wisely!

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No, this is not in Japan and it doesn't sell Ja...

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The West of Singapore isn’t a place I’ll expect to find excellent hawker fare. My recent trip down to Tokyo Seafood BBQ at...

【MEN’S CLUB】ポール・ニューマンが愛用した「ロレックス

【MEN’S CLUB】ポール・ニューマンが愛用した「ロレックス

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By Stephen Watson on June 2, 2017 Photos by Henry Leutwyler for WSJ Magazine, Getty Images