21 Sep '17, 12am

Halal crispy duck in Lucky Plaza!

The more health conscious should go for the Sangan Crispy Fried Duck ($10.50) which is pan fried without oil. I thought it would be dry but no, the meat was still tender and had a pleasant smokiness. In fact, I love this the most. Each plate of meat is accompanied by plain rice, kangkong, cucumber, tofu, tempeh and a generous serving of fresh chilli which is pounded in-house. Don’t forget to order a side of Crispy Duck Skin ($4.90) too. The fried duck skin is crispy, yet not oily. It’s super addictive!

Full article: https://www.misstamchiak.com/bebek-goreng/


Chindamani Crispy Prata: Very thin, very crispy!

ieatishootipost.sg 28 Sep '17, 3am

After blogging for over a decade, I never thought I would come across a new type of prata. But here it is. Thin and crispy...