24 Jan '18, 10pm

Brotzeit's snazzy Karneval menu and that half-meter sausage challenge!

Although the street festivities back in Germany would feature food markets and stalls selling specialty craft beers, sausages, pretzels and the like, Brotzeit has decided that a special, additional menu is right for the season. On top of it all, there is also the Brotzeit Half-Meter Sausage Challenge! Pair up with a friend, and finish the entire half-meter of Brotzeit’s Deutsche Halbmeter Wurst, complete with sauerkraut and potato salad in a baguette, and have the sausage on the house ! Of course, bragging rights are almost a guarantee if you are one of the few on the peak of glory and excellence in speed food-eating.

Full article: http://www.gourmetestorie.com/brotzeit-karneval-2018/



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