13 Feb '18, 8am

WTF $28 popiah and $32 hokkien mee.. where to find (WTF) them. Read my #review of Po.

"Where do I go if I have an immense craving for popiah and don't mind spending more on them, to share with some friends/family?" The answer, my dear reader, is Po at The Warehouse Hotel at Clarke Quay area. Over at this boutique hotel restaurant, their signature item is the popiah. The Lo & Behold Group restaurant is helmed by the established Chef Willin Low of Wild Rocket at Mount Emily, so you know the standard is up to scratch. Well, the Popiah Set for 4 goes for $28 (without prawns) but I find the entire experience to be quite worth the price. Items are served in dainty baskets and the main star of the show, the "pang kuan" aka turnip filling is served in a claypot. They are rather generous with it!

Full article: http://www.alexischeong.com/2018/02/restaurant-review-po-...