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Hakka Zhar Yoke Recipe

Hakka Zhar Yoke Recipe

2. When you buy pork belly, try to get the section that is closer to the ribs ie nearer the head. The lower part of the belly ie closer to the hind legs don’t hold together very well and the layers will sometimes just spread out. Pork belly that is too lean will not taste right. You do need a nice balance of fat and meat in order for it to have that irresistible bite and flavour! I have tried many different types of pork belly in the market. Fresh is of course better, but fresh Indonesian pork tends to be very lean nowadays. You can still get ones with a nice balance of fat and meat but you need to look around the wet market. I got great results from chilled Australian pork belly which I bought from Giant. The frozen pork belly that you can find at the supermarket shelves are cut too thin for this recipe.

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