12 Apr '18, 6pm


This is possibly my favourite Chinese dessert. Maybe it’s because mango is also my favourite fruit. Though I am not really into sweet foods most of the time, an exception can be said for Chinese desserts like this one. When I am having a meal at a Chinese restaurant, I’ll check out the menu if they serve this dessert and if they do, I’ll reserve some space in my tummy for it at the end of the meal. It usually cost around S$5 for a small bowl at a mid-range Chinese cafe/restaurant, and sometimes it comes with measly portions of pomelo, or to my horror, no pomelo at all. So not only is it cheap to make a huge party bowl at home, you can ensured of second helpings and generous toppings of cubed mango and pomelo.

Full article: https://noobcook.com/mango-sago-pomelo/


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